Transcription jobs are advantageous especially in these times of the pandemic as one can work comfortably from home and still earn handsomely. The jobs require accuracy and speed to have efficient productivity. Transition jobs are not limited to a specific industry making it diverse and advantageous to anyone in this line of work.

A transcriptionist can be described as an expert who listens to live or recorded video or audio files the converts them into text format by typing what they heard. Doing transcription jobs require someone to have a robust work ethic and to be attentive. Many industries use transcriptionists in their everyday duties and they include the legal, medical and general transcription sectors.



Transcription jobs require one to be discrete, accurate and confidential. A person should be quick enough when performing tasks and be able to produce quality works efficiently since they are usually required to beat set deadlines.  The work should be accurate and meet the standards set by the employer to avoid any inconvenience.


Being a transcriptionist requires someone to be good at typing as that is what the job entails. Accuracy should be maintained since any mistake can lead to confusion especially if the wrong information is recorded. Efficiency is also an important skill that transcription jobs need to ensure that any assignment given is done and submitted as per the set deadline.


Grammar should be observed to ensure that the sentence structures are correct, the spelling is okay and punctuation marks have been incorporated. When all this are taken into account then the message that was being conveyed in the audio or video file will be perfectly transcribed without changing the meaning. The job also requires one to be professional at all times.

Benefits of transcription jobs

Being a transcriptionist only requires someone to have a computer, printer and recording system. One does not have to leave the comfort of their home by simply working from there. Costs will be saved by not having to acquire an office space and movement from one place to another will not be necessary. This also save time when commuting as the workspace is at your home and you can take a break any time.

Transcription jobs are ideal since they can be a side job to a person with spare time. With a proper schedule, you can complete jobs in a short period of time depending on the amount of work taken on and the amount of time committed to the work as per the schedule. One can earn highly depending on the amount of experience since many clients prefer an experienced transcriptionist.


Where to find transcription jobs

This kind of job can be found in most industries as it is diverse. The best way would be to provide your information to local professional companies who can then refer you or give you a job. Proper training should be undertaken to increase your skillset and a test can be done to acquire a certificate depending on your region.

Being certified is advantageous as it increases the chances of being employed due to the credibility and a solid reputation it brings. One can also produce business cards and self-advertise at social gatherings and meetings or in professional offices and you never know your luck. A person can also apply in local job boards by providing your information and portfolio so that they can assess you.


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