Why KRA Jobs Will Make You Question Everything

Why KRA Jobs Will Make You Question Everything

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) job opportunities do not benefit the Government of Kenya alone. There are quite several KRA jobs for the Mwanainchi. They range from the jobs that require a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and those that need your laptop or phone and a stable internet connection.

KRA Jobs

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is under the Government of Kenya Ministry of Finance.  Its principal function is assessment, collection, and accounting for all revenues due to the government of Kenya following the Kenyan law. It has its headquarters in Times towers, Hail Selassie Avenue. Like any other agency in Kenya, KRA jobs is employing so many Kenyans.

The job categories under Kenya Revenue Authority are as follow:


If you doubt if it is possible to become self-employed, working for Kenya Revenue Authority, you are very wrong. By now, you must have realized that not everyone has good knowledge in filing their returns. It is also interesting that some of us might know filing returns, but the time is limited. Self-employment in KRA jobs comes in when you help people file returns at a fee.

KRA Jobs

Undergraduate internships

Internships help to continue students to gain work experience and sometimes influence in a job category. For example, Kenya Revenue Authority offers undergraduate students opportunities to gain experience by applying for job internships in the different varieties they are studying. The KRA employment is not separate from those won by graduates who seek employment. For example, it could be for digital marketing officer, operations manager, data analyst, IT security officer, etc.

Full-time Jobs for graduates and the unemployed

Students who graduate might be lucky to win jobs in Kenya Revenue Authority during their application, even depending on their internships. The option of applying for the positions is either physical or virtual. There are many agencies that give you opportunities to apply for jobs online. Most seek jobs, however, are under:

  1. Accounting

Accounting is a job purposed for keeping financial accounts. Accounting as a course has a broad niche, which Kenya revenue’s hires. They hire those skilled in financial accounting, those with proficient knowledge in management accounting and governmental accounting.

  1. Computer Science

Computer science involves studying computer and computing concepts and exploiting all computer software, hardware, networking, and the internet.  These make job categories in Kenya revenue’s more. Their workspace allows artificial intelligence, programming, software engineering, human-computer interaction, database administrator, numerical analyst, etc.

KRA Jobs
  1. Hospitality and management

Under hospitality and management, job categories such as secretariat and receptionist are available. The offices for revenue services are quickly spreading around the country. Employment opportunities for graduates and locals have skyrocketed as a result of this. You could go ahead and work as an office cleaner and still get paid. Remember, an organized and clean environment is what we all need.

To summarize, KRA jobs are spreading out in the agency. They serve both part-time and full-time. Therefore, you have to be competent enough while applying for the jobs, or even when working. It is evident that the job application rate is high, and you are required to be readily marketable when applying for employment.


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