Why is ICT Jobs Becoming Popular in Kenya?

Why is ICT Jobs Becoming Popular in Kenya?

Kenya’s ICT sector has grown exponentially over the decade, with most businesses relying on connectivity powered by applications and present services such as cloud offering different tools for data management. This has led created numerous ICT job opportunities in Kenya with platforms such as Upwork and Ajira offering business clients with skilled personnel on the digital spaces.

Every month, Kenyans buy up to 120 Gigabytes of data at a price that most states as convenient. This has led to a sprout of ICT opportunities including social media influencing, record management, graphic design, and digital designs that require an active online presence to monitor and perform real-time tasks. This surplus has been influenced by the following conditions.

Improved Connectivity

With more connectivity, innovation sprouts up. This shapes business models and even creates new markets especially with consumers relying more on online interactions to communicate with the sources of products and services. However, there is yet a feeling of inadequacy on the development of infrastructure and supportive technology and corresponding digital skillset to support ICT jobs in Kenya.

ict jobs in kenya

Capacity Building

Vast fiber optic coverage especially in many counties as well as private institutions has led to an increase in wired subscriptions as well mobile money subscriptions. Wider 3G and 4G connectivity have increased data coverage in most parts creating more ICT jobs in Kenya. Internet speed is also considerably high-speed and this has led to traffic growth which has created more opportunities as well. The State has also invested in the development of digital skills.


With the continued development of digital infrastructure as well as social spaces, programmes such as the Ajira Digital programme have emerged as a source of living to millions offering ICT jobs in Kenya. The Ministry of ICT and Innovation has also facilitated internet connectivity to enforce employability. This has been to mitigate the acute unemployment rates in Kenya.

ict jobs in kenya


Kenya is currently one of Africa’s fastest-growing ICT markets. The government has capitalized on this and invested in select technologies providing funding the research and development which has led to more ICT jobs in Kenya. This has been in an effort to create more digital skills to complement the demand for consumer electronics and smart gadgets. IT services are also skyrocketing as more MSE invest in digital technologies.

The ICT sector has been a great enabler of improved digitization and plays a vital role in infrastructural development as a wide percent of the business world relies on digital connectivity to run efficiently. This is from the growth of a vamp digital economy that has led to a sprout of ICT jobs in Kenya. 

ict jobs in kenya

The development of ICT in the healthcare sector has also significantly improved with the Ministry of Health (MoH) devising an e-medicine strategy to build on health information systems. However, with continued improvement in the ICT sector, online crime has been on the rise, this necessitates the need for the government to set up a cyber-security structure and policies to ensure a safe digital space.


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