Ways Kenya Moja Jobs Users Make Money

Ways Kenya Moja Jobs Users Make Money

The following article is about how Kenya Moja jobs help people in Kenya find work. It looks at how an online platform, kenyamoja.com, offers a collection of available jobs updated by Kenyan employers to potential employees. The article also explains what kenyamoja.com is and the various other content it displays.

Kenya Moja Jobs

Kenyamoja.com is a website that delivers content to Kenyans all over the internet in a format that is easy to read. The content is automatically updated every few minutes to guarantee that users access the latest articles immediately after being uploaded to the site. Only headlines and links are displayed on the site. The site has many blue and white-collar jobs available for users.


The platform offers a collection of all the jobs uploaded on the site by employers. The jobs are tagged with their date of uploading rather than their date of expiry. Offering a platform to find employment is one of the core functions of the site. The jobs posted range from simple blue-collar jobs to highly advanced white-collar jobs.

Kenya Moja Jobs

The process of applying for a job on the site is easy. First, you click the link to one of the numerous Kenya Moja jobs. Afterwards, you are redirected to the job’s originating website. This website is where you apply for the chosen position. The site has a massive number of users; thus, there are many available jobs.


Apart from applying for jobs directly, you can make money from the site if you are an artist. The platform has partnered with a downloads site called KenyanDownloads.com. The downloads site offers artists a chance to upload their music. Users of kenyamoja.com can then stream and download the music online through the site.

Kenya Moja Jobs

Artists are guaranteed a hundred per cent control over their music. They can monitor the number of sales and money earned in real-time.


The platform provides users with the chance to advertise their business on the site. Advertisements are the primary way the platform makes money. Once you login into the site, you find various ads on different items. Each ad is on a specific business and offers a link that takes you to the business’ site. To advertise you are required to pay a fee to the company.

Kenya Moja Jobs

Due to the high number of users of the platform, advertising on the site is very productive. An advertisement on the site leads to increased traffic on your site. Advertising on the platform increases your clientele and consequently the profit you make from your business.

Additional content found on kenyamoja.com

Other than music and jobs, the platform provides other content. The additional content includes news, blogs, videos, technology, entertainment, twitter and radio. All these are offered on the site. The content of each category is refreshed regularly. The rate of refreshment is different for each section. The platform is, therefore, an excellent place to obtain new information and stay well informed.

Kenya Moja jobs offer users a chance to find jobs and employers a chance to find potential employees. The platform also offers other ways to make money and advertise your businesses. Furthermore, the platform gives access to news updates and ensures you remain informed on the nation’s current affairs.


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