UN and its presence in Kenya

United Nations is the world’s most powerful international organization with the key aim of maintaining world peace and security. Its headquarters are in New York and 4 other subsequent offices in Nairobi, Hague, Vienna and Geneva

With Nairobi being the only office in Africa, this offers a pool of job opportunities for professionals within the diplomatic front-both Kenyan and international citizens. The offices are in Gigiri, these jobs cut across the country and solving problems experienced by the citizens in the grassroots level. Foreign workers are allowed to work fully in Kenya by obtaining a work permit .Work permits are quite costly ranging from around 3,000 dollars excluding of the additional 2000 dollars annual fees

A Guide to UN Jobs Application

The UN always post available vacancies on their website. It is important for you to subscribe and get notified anytime there are new listings

Create your profile on the website till the application with a cover letter written directly on the profile, no attachments. Save the information that you fill per page before proceeding to the next Utilize the 60 minute time before that time lapses. Information to be filled out on the profile section include your name, nationality, contacts, marital status. In case you need to change any of this information, you can edit it out and create your application[s]


When the above is done submit your application and wit for n email confirmation of the received application. Your application is then evaluated on three basis i.e. education, prior experience and the skills. If you succeed to this point, you are then tasked with a knowledge base assessment that is either oral or written

An interview based on your competency is then given to you through video call, in person or on call. This stage of application is aimed at getting an understanding of your skill set and behavior that should directly affect your productivity at work


All the qualified candidates will make it at this stage and be reduced again to the exact number needed. This decision is usually made by a team headed by The Head Of Department


The UN has a roaster where all candidates who got to the selection panel are included. This is because the interviewers may have seen your skills best suit a different department. You are the notified on a regular basis, however, you can choose to opt out of this service any time

Careers within the UN

Unlike popular belief, the UN does not have a wide range of careers. They are barely 10 categories i.e.

  • Political, peace and humanitarian
  • Science
  • Information and telecommunication technology
  • Legal affairs
  • Management and administration
  • Public information
  • Internal security
  • Social development and economics


The United Nations is arguably the biggest organization across the world with the largest global membership. Securing a job here is quite the challenge due to the intense interviews. To increase your chance, submit honest documents when needed ans wait for feedback .This organization is a fair employer regardless of race, social status, economic status etc. This is considered one of the best places to work as it ensures career enhancement over the course of your work period


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