Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. It is considered to be one of the most developed cities in East Africa due to the high level of infrastructure like modern roads, communication and educational center. Jobs in Nairobi have better pay compared to other areas since there are many companies and industries in competition.

Kenya’s main industries include manufacturing, finance, tourism and agriculture. Nairobi, one of the biggest financial and commercial hub in East Africa, is the country’s capital.  Most international and local companies conduct their activities in Nairobi thus most people move from the rural areas to come look for greener pastures in the city.


In Kenya’s work environment, most employees work every weekday from 8am to 5pm and on Saturday from 8am till noon. Private corporations might work for longer periods as they emphasize on high performance from the staff. The country’s work place normally experiences a strong work culture. Employees also receive leave days annually of up to twenty one days depending on where on works.

Many Kenyans prefer having jobs in Nairobi as compared to any other place in the country due to a number of reasons. Some of them include:

  1. It is the country’s capital

Nairobi is the most developed city in East Africa owing to the fact that it is Kenya’s capital. There is a lot of opportunity in the vast city thus attracting all from other cities and towns around the country and also the neighboring countries. The central government keeps most of its focus on developing the city and maintaining it with the hope of catching up with other cities of the developed countries.

  • Favorable weather

Kenya usually has temperate weather as it lies within the tropics and so adverse weather conditions are nearly impossible to encounter. Nairobi has favorable weather conditions from its position and it lies on a plateau making the land easy to plan and construct. Temperatures are usually suitable for any kind of wear as it is neither too hot nor too cold during day time.

  • It is a cultural center

Nairobi has diverse people from all over the world and country and each one of them comes with new cultural practices to share with other communities. The mix of people from all over the world is potent ranging different languages, tastes, social influences and cuisines. The city has many museums, libraries, theatres and art galleries which showcase the many cultures around the city.

  • Nairobi is the country’s center of business

From all the skyscrapers to small business enterprises, multinational corporations and an industrial area, Nairobi is clearly the root of most business transactions in the country. This attracts many people to the city as they are assured of a job in Nairobi. The city provides opportunity and the infrastructure for many to pursue their dream jobs due to the ready market and availability of investors.

  • Tourist spot

Nairobi is among one of the few cities in the world to have a national park a few kilometers from the CBD. This attracts many tourists both local and international thus creating jobs and recreation for people. The Nairobi National Park has wonderful cites including wild animals like lions, rhinos and cheetahs just to mention a few which encourage many to visit and even want to work in the city.


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