Seven Brilliant Ways to Advertise Procurement Jobs in Kenya

Seven Brilliant Ways to Advertise Procurement Jobs in Kenya

Have you always been unable to advertise procurement jobs in Kenya because you do not know how to do it? Please read on because this article is tailor-made for you. Inside the article, you will discover very easy and brilliant ways to advertise your procurement jobs here in Kenya.

Did you know that procurement jobs in Kenya are among the few that offer exciting and fulfilling careers to college graduates? It allows them to implement the knowledge acquired over the years as develop skills that sharpen their workability; this makes procurement one of the most sought jobs in Kenya

For some of them, however, finding the job is the job before the job; they don’t know where and how to get the jobs. 

Procurement Jobs in Kenya

This article will help employers have a wider pool and job seekers access more information regarding procurement jobs in Kenya.

Here are some of the advertising channels you can use.

  1. Employee referrals

An employee referring others is the easiest and most effective advertising method you can use. Ensure your current employees are aware of the vacancies available in the organization and the requirements for a person who would like to take up the position. You also encourage them to share the information with their friends. 

Procurement Jobs in Kenya

This method is the most recommended for advertising since the employees will only share with eligible persons. 

  • Job sites posting.

Thousands of persons log in to job sites daily, searching for jobs, making this option another good advertising channel. You are sure you will get an audience of a wide variety of persons with various skills and knowledge.

  • Social media(paid)

Social media sites have plans that allow you to pay a certain amount of money, and then they will promote your post to a wider audience than the persons who follow you. This advertising method exposes the job vacancy to a wide number of people with varied skills.

Procurement Jobs in Kenya
  • Organic social media

Here, a very strong media presence is needed. Your social media platforms should have a huge following and engagement for this method to be effective. Organic social media is another cost-effective method since you are only required to advertise the job opportunities through a post on your social media. 

The post will be seen by all your followers, who may then pass it to persons they think are eligible to apply or even utilize the opportunity if they are eligible.

  • Website traffic

We have talked about job sites as the second way. You can also utilize a personal website in advertising. You have to ensure that your website has enough traffic to give you an audience to the advertisement.

Procurement Jobs in Kenya
  • Partnering with training institutions.

There are many students there. Therefore, you are sure you will get a fresh and top of the quality workforce. Building rapport with colleges and universities offering procurement as a course of study is an added advantage. This partnership also assures the students of work even after completing school.

  • Engage in hiring fairs.

Hiring fairs may be a new term, but you have probably heard of trade fairs. Hiring fairs are where employers meet prospective employees and engage with each other.   

You can now engage in brilliant advertising ways of procurement jobs.


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