Reliefweb JOBS

Reliefweb JOBS

Reliefweb is a humanitarian information service provided by the United Nations Office. It is a valuable resource for job listings and training programs. Reliefweb jobs rely more on the humanitarian and development sector.

If your target is a humanitarian professional then this platform is your go-to for the advertisement of jobs.


Here is a discussion outlining some of the useful tips to help advertise your jobs on the Reliefweb platform.

  1. Captivating title for your advert

Create a title that attracts a job seeker to go through your advert. Give a brief description of what the job is about and ensure it has no spelling mistakes and it’s grammatically correct. A title creates the first impression and connection with the candidate and makes them decide whether it is worth clicking on.

  • Give the name of your company.

Ensure when creating the advert you include the location and name of the advertising organization. No person would want to apply for a job with no name and location. Include the location where the position being advertised will be based.

Most job seekers use the location filters to search for appropriate positions to apply for. Having the name of your company on the description makes it legit and easy for people to trust your advert.

  • Job description

Give a well-detailed description of your job. This will help people know what the job entails. Include the duties or responsibilities, academic qualifications, salary, and other benefits that come with the job.

Sometimes it is also necessary to include the working terms, whether it’s a full-time or part-time job or if it’s a home-based kind of job.

  • Deadline for application.

Every job advert has a deadline hence the need to include it when helps people apply before the application date expires and they are locked outside. Check if both the closing date and deadline for the application align with each other. Deadlines are necessary for an advert because they compel a person to make the application before it is due.

  • Process of application

The process on how to apply for a job plays a vital role. It simplifies the process for your interested candidates. You can place an email address via which applicants can send their information.


 It can also be a link that leads the candidates to the forms for applying. It saves time for the applicants and ensures that the client has applied on the correct site or sent information to the right emails.

  • Type of job

Let the job seeker know what type of job you are advertising. It helps one not to apply for a position they are less qualified for or are not interested in. Specify whether it is a job, internship, volunteer, or casual. Write the job category as well as the years of experience you need for the applicant to have.

These are just but a few tips on how you can advertise Reliefweb jobs and ensure that you get interested and qualified candidates.


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