Public Service Commission Jobs in Kenya

Public Service Commission Jobs in Kenya

The following article is about public service commission jobs in Kenya. It starts by explaining what the public service commission is and what its functions are. It also highlights the jobs available in the public service and how the process of application works. Lastly, it looks at the causes that may lead to dismissal from the public service.

Public service is any service intended to serve the members of the community. The government offers most public service jobs. Non-governmental organizations and volunteers also provide public service. However, the services provided by non-governmental organizations and volunteers are still subject to the regulations of the government.

Public Service Commission

What is the public service commission?

The public service commission is the body that is responsible for maintaining the public service of Kenya. The commission is given the mandate by the government of Kenya and the constitution. It exercises control over all government positions except those politically elected or not provided for it in the Kenyan constitution.

The primary responsibility of the commission is hiring and dismissing public service officers. The commission also establishes and abolishes offices, monitors and evaluates public service personnel, ensures the public service is efficient and effective, protects public officers from victimization and discrimination, and ensures good governance.


Public service commission jobs are grouped into various sectors. Each sector has a role to play to ensure that government services effectively reach the population. These sectors include courts, education, emergency services, healthcare, electricity, military, social services, urban planning, transportation infrastructure, waste management, and water supply network.

Each sector plays a pivotal role in the public service and offers numerous jobs to the public. The sectors are divided into levels. Employees of each level receive different salaries. Experience and qualifications are the criteria used to give promotions.

Process of job application

The process of applying for a job can either be done online or in person. To apply in person, you are required to pick an application form from the commission offices or download a form of application of employment from their website. Afterwards, you fill the form and send it to the commission’s headquarters. Sending the application documents can be done by post, courier service, or hand delivery.

Applying online requires you to register on the platform to access the system; this applies to new users. The next step is logging into your account and fill an online form. Finally, you may be required to upload some documents to confirm your experience and qualifications.

 After submitting the application form, you wait for the shortlisting process to end for online and in-person applications. If your application is successful, the commission will contact you.

Public Service Commission

Dismissal from the public service

Dismissals are one of the public service commission’s functions. Public service officers are required to be dignified and maintain integrity while in office. They are several offences that may lead to dismissal. The most common include negligence of duty, criminal conviction, fraud, corruption, theft, and insubordination.

Public service commission jobs are essential in Kenya. They offer employment to many people in the country and provide critical services to the population. The public service commission stands as a watchdog, ensures excellent performance of the jobs, and hires the necessary personnel for them.


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