Kenyan Jobs of High Market Value

Kenyan Jobs of High Market Value

Introduction to jobs

As an adult in the current society, I’m sure you have come across this word being thrown around by your parents, your peers or your tutors from school. Jobs are basically tasks that an employee is assigned to perform in exchange for a payment. JOBS are also loosely referred to as Joining Others Business

Kenyan Jobs of High Market

Jobs with high market demand

The Kenyan economy has been seeing a steady rise prior to the covid pandemic in early March 2020. Some of the fields that were thriving pre covid are ICT, tourism, agriculture and finance. The economic recession reported this past year has proven to be a challenge for many key sectors in the economy. People lost either lives or livelihoods or both. Technology has helped boost industries that would otherwise see a slow growth

According to various statistics conducted within the past year, these are sectors that are currently very marketable during the covid times and also for posterity. They have been proven to have great rewards

  • Social Media Work such as brand influencing, marketing, creating consumable content on free to air video on demand platforms
  • Medicine will always be a needed profession
  • Agriculture
  • Teaching and lecturing at advanced settings
  • Quantity surveying
  • Engineering
  • Politics

How to present yourself for a job interview

Job interviews are a necessary part of acquiring a job. For most newbies, this is one of the most scaring things to be a part of. Experienced job seekers on the other hand see this as a walk in the park. Some of the questions to expect in interviews are

Kenyan Jobs of High Market
  • Give a brief introduction of yourself
  • Why do you think this job suits you
  • What value will you add to this company
  • What is your weakness and what are you doing to work on it
  • What are your salary expectations
  • Can you work under no or minimal supervision

Here are a few tips on how to leave a good impression to the team of interviewers

  • Read and research extensively about the interviewers
  • Have a mock interview and practice answering questions in a calm way
  • Read and understand the job description
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be on time or five minutes earlier
  • Be engaging to the interviewers by asking those personal questions or opinions

Where to get jobs

My elder sister always tells me this, In a time of Google, ignorance is an expensive choice and I believe everyone should reason with this quote With the world gradually moving to the virtual space, more and more companies are choosing this route .In Kenya we have hundreds of such platforms that offer such listings for free on a daily basis. In the event you can’t secure a job, you can create your own source of income. Identify a need/gap in the environment you reside in and satisfy that need .However, before this do take an online course to help minimize time waste and loss of already scarce resources

Kenyan Jobs of High Market


Jobs in the market are quite a number but not enough to satisfy all the unemployed people’s needs. There are a number of ways to give to a good start with it such as research prior to the interview and basic etiquette .The easiest way is to get a degree or a diploma that is in high demand. If getting that job proves difficult, take an online course and understand how to run a small business


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