Kenya Moja Jobs; Understanding How they work

Kenya Moja Jobs; Understanding How they work

What is Kenya Moja?

This is an online platform with daily postings of new job vacancies in various fields. Most jobs posted here are verified beforehand and are located within Kenya

Kenya Moja Jobs

How credible are these jobs

There are thousands of jobs posted on this site. Sifting through the clutter has proven to be quite a task for many desperate job seekers .This started as a genuine site but cons found a way of penetrating it and causing chaos. Here are a few red flags on fake jobs;

Jobs that are too good to be true. They might be sweet to your ear because you want to hear those assuring words from a prospective employer .A good example is if you are offered a job as an intern with hefty rewards; a salary of 80,000ksh monthly and a car upon start of the job. This is not genuine in any way considering how saturated the market is.

Kenya Moja Jobs

Employers who ask for money at any point of the interview. These cons package it in a way that you won’t be suspecting in any way of their fraudulent activities. Most will say it is servicing fees to acquire a software specific to you .The honest truth is that reliable companies do not have this clause as a requirement in the recruitment process

When you are awarded the job immediately you apply for it. Most companies have a recruitment procedure that is intense and quite involving. All the candidates to go through the selection process are invited for interviews. Reliable companies have to meet you first to consider any physical and full time job

Getting invited for interviews you never applied for. It is quite easy to collect anyone’s data in the current virtual world. Unfortunately fraudster’s take advantage of the desperate state of job seekers to rob them of their valuable property and original certificates

How Kenya Moja Jobs Work

These job openings are posted on the website and the Kenya moja app available on both android and IOS. On the homepage, there is a list of various jobs in various regions across the country. Sieve through the list and identify your area of interest, select the job interested in e.g. ‘procurement intern’. Read through the job instructions and specifications and submit your CV if you fit the bill

Kenya Moja Jobs

Unfortunately Kenya moja gets these jobs off of other websites, so when you click on your desired job it will redirect you to another website .This can sometimes lead to a compromise in your phones and accounts security .Website fraudsters may find a way of mining your data through such


In a world where everyone is constantly trying to get better job opportunities for themselves, it is easy for the market to be saturated with fraudsters. Take your time and understand how to navigate this platform to avoid getting conned or wasting your precious time .I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, however, this opens up a pool of deception due to your vulnerability


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