Here’s What You Should Know About Safaricom Jobs.

Here’s What You Should Know About Safaricom Jobs.

Do you want to know more about Safaricom jobs? How to apply for the jobs at Safaricom, how their organizational culture looks, remuneration, working schedules of their jobs, work benefits and bureaucratic levels. This article will inform you of all that you need to know about Safaricom jobs.

Knowing that there are Safaricom jobs is one thing and understanding the jobs is another thing. You may be in the former, but don’t worry. Stay put, and you will unearth what is there to be known about the jobs. 

Safaricom is one of the greatest corporations in Kenya. Therefore, landing a job with them is a great deal. In this article are a few things you should know about their jobs.  

  1. Job application process.

The corporation has made it easy for persons wishing to work with them to know about vacancies. They have done this through their website. By browsing, you will find a list of all positions they are looking to fill. 

Safaricom Jobs

After checking all the positions and finding one you are interested in, understand the job requirements, job descriptions, and job specifications and ensure you meet all the requirements. Until then, you are eligible to apply for the job.  

  • Organizational culture

In a survey conducted, a Safaricom employee was asked how it felt going to work every day, and this was the answer, “It’s always exciting going to work.” Why do you think they said so? Here is what I think.

Safaricom Jobs

The working environment that Safaricom provides is a great one. They provide great support to their staff, job security is also very high, and the health benefits are assured. The organization provides world-class industry training that may even see you grow from one level to another. Working with Safaricom exposes you to a very great culture that makes you enjoy being there.

  • Remuneration.

As you work in any organization, you will get paid, but for Safaricom, you will get the actual value you are supposed to receive. That is a guarantee. From a survey, the salary satisfaction rate for employees working at Safaricom was at an average of 80%, which is quite high.  

The salary range is from Twenty thousand Kenya shillings for interns to about 11 million for the CEO. Different positions have different salaries.

  • Working schedule.

Typically, working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm with only five working days. If you find yourself in Safaricom customer care shops, you need to brace for work because you will need more time at work. The shops open at 9 am and remain open until 7 pm on weekdays. On weekends, they are also open still at 9 am but up to 1 pm.

Safaricom Jobs

You will have more working hours during the week and even have part of your weekend eaten up by work.

  • Work benefits.

Safaricom provides entertainment allowance, free meals and free transport. There is also something good for new mothers working therein. They have on-site daycares where nursing mothers can leave their children as they work; Which is awesome.

Employees are also provided with laptops and mobile phones with airtime limits.

  • Bureaucracy levels.

Being a large corporation, very lengthy procedures and processes may lead to delays in performance; this is one of the disadvantages of landing a job there. 


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