5 Quick Tips for Driver Jobs in Kenya.

5 Quick Tips for Driver Jobs in Kenya.

To master your driving, first, find yourself a good car. But that is just the first step, just by getting behind your steering wheel and driving on the road does not make you the perfect driver, accidents are commonplace on the road and you need to avoid them and you should get affordable car insurance policy case of any mishaps.

Even though controlling how other motorists act in traffic is a big deal, some are aggressive and will speed without paying attention but almost all control depends on you and how you operate your motor in driver jobs in Kenya. Following precautions will greatly increase the chances of a safe trip and below are helpful tips to keep you driving safely.

Quick Tips for Driver Jobs in Kenya

Look Ahead

To drive efficiently you have to be free of distractions such as phone calls, radio tuning, or arguments. While handling driver jobs in Kenya, you have to focus on the task at hand and pay attention to the road. It is recommended you look ahead at any car ahead of you and focus on the surroundings to ensure you do not miss any signs or signals. Also, check your mirrors to look out for other cars and how they indicate motion.


Car drivers doing driver jobs in Kenya need to press the brake pedal easily when slowing down to avoid any impact. Driving techniques should avoid any aggressive motions on-road and the controlling oversteer technique is the most prudent one where the driver uses heel-toe downshifting. This is best applicable on automatic motors and ensures a smooth ride and is a good way to practice braking.

Quick Tips for Driver Jobs in Kenya


To be good at parking while doing driver jobs in Kenya, you need to practice it to know what to do and when to do it. Your handbrake helps you park perfectly. Parallel parking can be somewhat tricky but it is crucial to park well to avoid hitting other motorists. A professional driver can do this in a few seconds. It is an essential skill that also helps you merge better with traffic while controlling the speed carefully.

Always, always buckle up

It is important to take advantage of security features in driver jobs in Kenya. These include airbags, restraints, and seat belt adjusters. Those least likely to wear seatbelts are children, teenagers, and reckless drivers. Most accidents could be prevented by wearing seat belts, especially while driving along busy highways. 

Quick Tips for Driver Jobs in Kenya

Finally, it is prudent to practice patience while driving since every driver knows haste is a killer on the road. Always have your eyes on the road while doing driver jobs in Kenya, practice how to park easily, when to slow down and when to accelerate. Whenever you are in doubt when driving, always yield to the other driver and give them away. Keeping your speed low also helps you control your car better and you can manoeuvre more easily. While driving in traffic, it is advisable to position your vehicle where you can easily be seen. Also, have an alternative route should your path be blocked suddenly.


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