4 Insane (But True) Online Jobs Kenya for Students

4 Insane (But True) Online Jobs Kenya for Students

It is unfortunate that students still give their parents sleepless nights when they enquire for upkeep money while in colleges or universities. There are many unexploited jobs Kenya opportunities for students. You do not have to fix your budget on your HELB loan or the little pocket money you hard-earned.

It should be sad for a student to fault the Kenyan Government system for being broke. Perhaps you stopped here to find out if there is a way of dropping a few coins in your pocket. I would say you are right because today, we will discuss various online jobs Kenya for you as a student. The jobs discussed here are of low investment and for par-timers.  After reading this past article, I am sure you will start planning to end your money problems.


To most of us, freelancing is not a foreign word. However, knowing that freelancing deals with writing and rewriting articles, SEO content writing, Blogging, academic writing, and copywriting is not enough. You should go ahead and invest your money in the best freelancing companies in Kenya and start sourcing your upkeep money. Freelancing is a self-employed jobs Kenya. It is suitable for students.

Online Jobs Kenya for Students

KRA job

When the Kenya Revenue Authority shifted most of its services online, most job opportunities have emerged, some of them benefiting students. The most common job for students is filing returns. Learning the skills of filling returns requires interest alone. The most exciting part about this hustle is that you invest no money. Your internet is enough for welcoming clients who need this service.

Online Jobs Kenya for Students


A blogging job is self-made. If you are an inking writer and explode with articles as a student, open a free blogger’s account and sell yourself. You have all the time to write what you feel like, provided it welcomes viewers and followers to your site. You are paid per views and follows. You will also earn from Google AdSense when they market products on your blog.

Online Jobs Kenya for Students


YouTube is the most visited video platform in the world. It has an endless niche to choose from and earn from it. You could specialize in music, comedy, adventure, etc. Anything people can watch and subscribe will earn you some dollars even when taking a nap. Again, you do not have to invest any money in Youtubing. Open a YouTube account using your email, post a high trafficked video of your choice, and earn as you learn.

Online Jobs Kenya for Students

Transcription and Translation

You might undoubtedly be gifted in knowing more than two languages, and you are a good listener as you type. If you have the two qualities, transcription and translation must be your hustle. All you need to do is try your chance to choose an account and bid for a job. You will be happy to earn, I promise.

Online Jobs Kenya for Students

In conclusion, Freelancing, KRA jobs, Blogging, and Youtubing are the most apparent jobs that students should not say they do not know of. There are more online jobs to think about as students if the four mentioned here did not interest you. Suppose the article was helpful; good luck with your earning in jobs Kenya.


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