Hire Hub Kenya

Finding a job in Kenya today is quite hectic. You have to register to multiple websites to view and apply for jobs. Hire Hub Kenya was started to give you an easier and more streamlined way to get job opportunities right when they occur. Our app scours the internet for legitimate job offers and posts them in one place for you.

As such, with Hire Hub Kenya you will never miss an opportunity to apply for a job. Employers love candidates that are confident about their skills and early application to jobs is the first way to show you are confident and can handle the responsibilities. Our app uses push notifications on your phone to inform you when new jobs have been posted so you do not have to go to multiple websites to find the jobs.

For a long time, finding jobs in Kenya has in itself been a fulltime and expensive job. Hire Hub Kenya is making things easier for you by bringing you all the available job opportunities in one platform. This makes it easy to apply and saves you a lot of time.

Why choose Hire Hub Kenya?

Instant notifications on Jobs

With our app, you will receive instant notifications on your phone every time new opportunities are available. You will never miss out or be late to apply for jobs. The more relevant jobs you apply to, the higher the chances of landing a job. With Hire Hu,  you will realize there are so many opportunities that have been passing you by.

Apply for jobs on time

Most employers give a deadline by which applications should be sent in. Applications sent later than the required date are usually not considered. As such, it is very important to apply for jobs that interest you on time. With our app, you get notifications instantly when jobs are posted so you always apply on time. This way, your applications will not be in vain.

Hassle free job applications

There are so many employment websites in Kenya which make it tasking to look for a job. Switching from one website to the next trying to find jobs can be frustrating and tiring. Hire Hub is the only one app you need to get access to thousands of jobs in one place.

Local and international jobs in one place

The best thing about Hire Hub Kenya is that you not only get access to local jobs but also jobs available abroad. We get all kinds of jobs including remote and freelance jobs from companies and individuals who are overseas. As such you are not limited to only local opportunities. You can choose to work hourly, freelance or get paid on a contract basis. We also have opportunities that require you to relocate. All the details and requirements for jobs abroad will be provided in the job descriptions.  

Vital tips and advice

There are many factors that make your job application successful. Plus, after the application you have to go for the interview and also keep your job for long after that. On Hire Hub Kenya, job seekers get access to advice and tips that will help them win jobs they want, ask for a good salary and keep the job for a long time.  

We have contracted professionals who give you advice you cannot find anywhere else. There are many times you might have lost opportunities because of your application. We want to make sure that you will not make mistakes that can cost you a job. 

How it works


Download our app and create an account for free– download our app. It is light and very easy to use. Account creation is quick and fast.


Pick a subscription package – we have a variety of subscription packages that will give you full access to our legit job listings.


Apply to as many jobs as you like – after you have subscribed you will get access to thousands of jobs in hundreds of categories posted every day. All you have to do is press apply and you are redirected to apply for the job. It is simple, quick and easy.

Jobs for all skill levels

Most platforms in Kenya focus on graduate jobs and neglect all the other types of jobs that Kenyans are looking for. On Hire Hub Kenya we post all types of jobs and at any skill level. You do not need to be a degree holder to join our app or to find jobs. We have everything from entry level to experienced jobs as well as unskilled labor jobs.

Narrow jobs by location

Are you interested in Jobs that are near your location? Not to worry. Hire Hub app uses your location information to show you jobs close to you first. This way, you can find jobs from local employers that you might have a rapport with. You can also use other search filters to narrow down your job search to make it easy and quick to find jobs you are qualified or interested in.

Reliable employers you can trust

On Hire Hub Kenya, we are set apart by how we conduct our business of job listings. We do not just list any jobs available on the internet. Our team takes time to go through the listings and confirm they are from legitimate and credible employers.

Through Hire Hub Kenya, reliable employers have been linked with amazing talent available on Hire Hub Kenya. Your business doesn’t have to suffer because of a lack of employees. You can rely on Hire Hub Kenya to ensure applications keep coming in from individuals you can depend on.

Hire Hub Kenya is the app for you if you are hunting for a job in Kenya and beyond. We have amazing opportunities in all types of jobs. Our advice and tips given by professionals will help you land the best jobs that are right for you. Give us a try today and put your job hunting on autopilot.